Terms & Conditions:


1.Certified Travel Gift Voucher is valid up until the mentioned Expiry Date inclusive, after which it cannot be redeemed in any way.


2.The original Gift Voucher must be submitted at redemption. Photocopies, payment receipts or voucher numbers are not valid.


3.Certified Travel will not be responsible for replacing lost, stolen or damaged gift vouchers.


4.The Gift Voucher is non-transferable to anyone other than its owner (customer), not even to its original buyer i.e. the one who bought it.


5.The Gift Voucher is valid only against the mentioned travel services & cannot be exchanged for cash.


6.In case of refunding the services exchanged against the Gift Voucher, the refund will be issued by Certified Travel in the form of a Gift Voucher with the updated available amount, but with the same original Expiry Date.