Processing Time

4 working days

Required Documents

-          Passport + copy

-          Copy of Lebanese ID or individual registry

-          1 photo white background

-          Bank statement or bank attestation min of 6000USD (Lebanese Bank)

-          Ticket & hotel reservations

-          Full home address & mobile number

-          Invitation letter with a clear address in China & purpose of visit (for business: company invitation or exhibition invitation & for leisure: tourist invitation)

-          Copy of old China visas & stamps

-          Employment letter & copy of company commercial circular if employed & copy of circular if employer.


-          First time in China, applicant must go to embassy for biometrics

-          Also for employees: CNSS attestation; if not registered in CNSS, employment letter must be stamped by the bank

Extra Services

-          Invitation letter can be provided for an extra cost of USD 25 per letter

-          CNSS attestation retrieval for an extra of USD 15 per attestation


Price within a package (flight + hotel)

Price without a package

Single - Lebanese

USD 50

USD 75

Single - Palestinian

USD 100

USD 150

Double in 6 months - Lebanese

USD 70

USD 95

Double in 6 months - Palestinian

USD 140

USD 190